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Penningtons Grind 

It’s been a fun couple of weeks over on The Penningtons Blog

In one post, I got to take their 5-way bra for a spin and see how it worked with five different outfits to suit each way. 

And then in my latest post, I got to style one piece, three ways — perfect for when you’re packing light on vacation! 

For more info on my looks and to check out the entire posts, head over to www.blog.penningtons.com, where you can find me each week, doing my thang and rocking some awesome Penningtons clothes! 

Flight of the Fat Girl Does Soft Pants on The Penningtons Blog 

  I’ve been planning a family beach vacay for this summer, and Penningtons soft pants couldn’t have come into my life at a better time! 

Be sure to peep my latest guest post on The Penningtons Blog for my thoughts on these five fab soft pants looks! 

You will definitely be seeing a few pairs of these babies pop up in my vacation pics, come August, but in the mean time, you need to get into a pair ASAP!!! 

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Haiti 2014

So! It’s been a minute, and for all of those who’ve been wondering what this fat girl has been up to, well, here it is!

I was away, on a very unexpected trip back to Haiti, under some very sad circumstances. My father-in-law passed away suddenly in at the end of April so we rushed to plan an extremely last minute trip in order to take care of funeral arrangements, and all that not so fun stuff that comes along with losing a loved one.

Everything went pretty smoothly and we said our final goodbyes, which was really tough on my husband; but he handled it with grace. After all was said and done, we found ourselves in serious need of some rest and relaxation!

If you want to relax, there really isn’t any better place than Haiti. I’ve said it before, in my blog post “Haiti Cherie“, and I’ll say it again – Haiti is my second home and a piece of me will always be there, no matter where I am, regardless of the fact that the sun & my skin, the humidity & my hair, and the heat & my sweat glands (TMI?) are not the best of friends, as you can probably tell!


But It just feels like time moves slower there, like the stress and the pressure of life somehow just fade into the feeling of a carefree Friday night, every evening of the week. Music in the streets, tasty treats for sale right at your car window as you make your way through the crowded streets of Port-au-Prince, along with chilled sodas, sugar cane, artwork, and pretty much anything else your heart may desire. You name it, and a local will tell you on which street corner it can be found! From fresh, sun ripened mangoes, to djon djon, dried black mushrooms grown only in Haiti, used to make a deliciously fragrant dish of rice and beans, just ask around and a smiling stranger will gladly point you in the right direction!




We visited with family, friends, and more family again!  There were so many little cuties!  It was great to see how they’ve grown and to meet some of the newer additions to the fam!


After some shopping in local markets to pick up some souvenirs for our kids at home, we were off to the beach! Destination Club Indigo – a beautiful beach resort located in the coastal town of Montrouis, along the Côte des Arcadins, one of the longest stretches of stunning, white sand beaches in Haiti.


There, we watched the turquoise waves roll, while we ate freshly caught lanbi (conch), a must if your visiting one of Haiti’s many gorgeous beaches. We sipped on ice cold Prestige beer, a locally brewed lager, Barbancourt rum, another must, and listened to the amazing sounds of a live twoubadou band playing in the distance.

Regardless of circumstances, Haiti has a rejuvenating quality about it. There, we were able to let our cares drift off with the tide, our worries fly away with the salty sea breeze, our stress get whisked away in the hustle and bustle of the city, our senses reignite with its delicious flavors, vibrant colors, and inviting sounds. We found our smiles again in Haiti, after saying goodbye to a man who meant so much to so many, and we came home, still with sadness in our hearts, but with new memories to cherish too.

This post is dedicated to my late father-in-law. Nap toujou renmen ‘w Boss Be!!!


Haiti Cherie

Memories of Haiti

It’s been so cold here in Montreal this winter – hashtag polar vortex, n’est ce pas? All I can seem to think about these days are, when will winter be over? This isn’t fair! What does a stupid groundhog know, anyway? And, of course – I really need to get away to someplace warm, where I can drink rum from a coconut and relax on the beach in a great swimdress such as this one from swimsuitsforall.com, paired with white capris, allowing it to double s a top and a swimsuit in one!

For many, a vacation to a tropical island is just that – a vacation; but for my husband and I, it is a chance to visit with his parents, family and friends. It is a trip home (or in my case, my second home) which just happens to be paradise on earth.

In Haiti, the history is rich and the culture is celebrated, especially in its people’s hearts which definitely shines through in their welcoming, kind spirits and their immense courage and strength. We are all aware of the devastation following the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, which my husband’s parents, by the grace of God, survived, despite the house collapsing. But I do not wish to focus on the many negative issues surrounding Haiti, be they political, economical or otherwise. Today I just want to share with all of you, a little piece of Haiti through my eyes.

In the city it is full of life, excitement and color. The lively echo of Creole being spoken all around you, brightly painted tap tap busses, chock full of commuters line the streets; markets full of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish seem to be constantly in motion like the sea, all while the intoxicating smell of griot and banann peze (fried pork and plantains) delight the senses as they cook alongside the road.

And the countryside… The countryside is virtually a utopia, ripe with palms, mango trees and lush green mountains as far as they eye can see. The beaches are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever visited, with the beat of live Konpa music in the distance as you eat fresh lanbi (conch) cooked in seawater and relax in the shade of a guava tree with the cool ocean breeze dancing across your skin.

I look forward to my next trip to Haiti, which can’t come soon enough and I hope I have succeeded in showing you how close to my heart I carry this beautiful country, and always will.