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Magnificent Maxi

Maxi Madness

I’d like to start this post with an apology for these particularly blurry pictures. My youngest son threw my iPhone into his potty and peed on it. Why? Because he is three years old and is trying to ruin my life. Ha. Don’t worry… I still love him.

In any event, I had promised a blog post to my Facebook fans, wearing this stunning Igigi maxi dress, so regardless of the fuzzy images – here it is!

All the dresses I’ve ever ordered from Igigi have been of excellent quality, and this one is no exception.  It’s fully lined and drapes absolutely perfectly on my body.  The fabric is light yet dense and the print is rich and indulgent.  I’ve paired it with a simple black canvas cork wedge from Wal Mart, a black Babooshka Boutique turban, wrapped around my bun, an oversized gold chain, gold teardrop hoop earrings, and gold cuff bracelet from Forever 21, to create an elegant, seductive look that works for any occasion, from tea with the ladies, an outdoor wedding, to cruise wear!

Just a note, from my experience, Igigi’s maxi dresses run true to size, perhaps slightly larger, and tend to be quite long, so be ready to have your hem raised if you’re anywhere under 5’11”, or plan to wear flats.




Formalwear Triumph

Formal Wear Triumph

From the time of my grade six dances until very recently, finding the right dress to wear to a formal event was a struggle. It was always so tough to find a dress that encompassed all the aspects I was looking for to assure that I felt beautiful and comfortable all night long. I often had to make compromises when buying dresses, giving up a great neckline for a flattering cut or vice versa; and let me tell you, many tears were shed from these eyes in the name of formalwear, you have no idea!

Thankfully, online shopping has opened up a whole new world to me, and other curvy ladies who have known the struggle of trying to buy trendy, sexy plus size clothing throughout the 90’s; and especially the fight to find stylish formal dresses that actually flatter our figures! With so many sites, like Monif C. and Igigi to name a couple, full of stunning dresses just ripe for the picking I am finally now able to obtain all of what I look for in a dress – a great cut, usually bodycon with a sexy neckline, the perfect length, usually knee length or mid-calf, and a sleeve, preferably 3/4, because I still haven’t accepted my body enough to be at one with my upper arms (but it’s coming). In fact, online shopping has made my criteria so easy to find, that I am now bombarded by choices that I never would have dreamed of in the past – choices that celebrate my curves rather than try to hide them.

This particular pick, Ambrosia, from Igigi by Yuliya Raquel is really stunning. It hugs me in all the right places, the length is just right, it has a great 3/4 sleeve, a sexy V-neckline, and the color is simply divine. I do feel like “my girls” could be a little bigger to fill this dress up a bit more, but I don’t think it causes a major issue. Overall, I really love it, especially paired with a vintage gold colored necklace, a bold pair of dangly earrings and a fantastic light gold pump from Payless and the confidence I feel while wearing it is the best part!