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In the Nude

In the Nude

I know, I know, I said that 2014 would be all about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing vibrant color, but I swear I haven’t broken my promise yet! This look was from before New Years so technically my resolution remains intact… But I am feeling a bit nostalgic. The sting of the rest of winter ahead and the ache of distancing myself from neutral shades is definitely sinking in.

This look is just so appealing to me. It’s basic and understated yet evokes a sexy, sensuous vibe. It’s ideal for an afternoon of shopping, a cup of hazelnut coffee with a good friend or late afternoon beer on a breezy terrace downtown with the girls, boutique bags in hand, of course!

Soft light blue jeggings that hug every curve, with this amazing sweater with chain detail paired with my favorite spiked buckle belt, nude flats and great nude rimmed sunglasses meld together to create a look that is smooth, sophisticated and as clean as freshly washed skin.

There is something delicate and sensual, naked and vulnerable about nudes that no other color can offer. I just may have to give in to my love of neutral tones once spring rolls around again, because going out in the nude is as classy as it gets!

Color & Shiny Things

Color & Shiny Things

In keeping with my resolution to truly embrace wearing color in 2014, I have been sporting more looks like this one lately. While I took this picture well before the new year, I hadn’t really had the courage to wear this ensemble out until now; but I think it works!

I still tend to play it a little safe, making a lot of use of neutrals, but instead of limiting my splashes of color to a tiny bow or a great shoe, I’ve been going a little bolder and daring to play with more risky (for me) pieces, like these awesome, skinny leg, bright red jeans from Addition Elle.

A sexy, well fitting colored jean is an awesome place to start when expanding your use of color in your wardrobe because when paired with neutrals on top they make a bold statement without being overpowering or intimidating to wear.

I decided to add some sparkle to my look by mixing in a great beaded belt and a pointy, metal toed, Aldo flat to really get my point across; and that point was: This big, beautiful girl is no longer afraid to wear color, and she really likes shiny things! Yay!!!

Yup… Now that’s a statement, n’est ce pas?

Color Me Fearless

Color Me Fearless

Wearing color has long been a somewhat terrifying experience for me… I usually tend to stick mainly to neutrals and very dark shades, which are lovely, timeless and classic but have a certain safety about them that I am often afraid to venture beyond.

So, with 2014 fast approaching, and ideas of resolutions on the tips of everyone’s tongues, I’ve decided on a new years resolution I know I can keep; I WILL CONFRONT MY FEAR OF COLOR!!!

As a matter of fact, why wait till the new year? Why not get started early? And what better way to jump right in than by wearing the whole rainbow all at once? I’ve always said, go big or go home and this gorgeous multi-colored, curve hugging, head turning, envy inducing, covetable piece of wardrobe magic is absolutely the best physical embodiment of the expression!

I have never received so many compliments in my life! My husband (who is Haitian and speaks Creole and French) described the dress as “mal élevé” which directly translates to “rude” or “ill-mannered”, but In the good way; and I couldn’t agree more! This maverick of a cocktail dress, from Monif C, does what it pleases, shows no mercy and the result is epic!

In this fearless frock, paired with a peep-toe, sling back, black patent leather heel (I RARELY wear heels but this dress deserved them) and some simple gold jewelry, I turned heads all night and showed myself that I should be as fearless of color as this dress is of everything in its glorious, rainbow path!

(A shout out to the hubby for looking spiffy, as usual, too!)

Dress – Monif C

Shoes – Nine West

The Perfect White Blouse

The Perfect White Blouse

What can I say? This blouse from Addition Elle is absolutely perfect. There is no other way to describe it. It fits like a dream.  Its high-low hemline drapes in just the right way to show off gorgeous, round hips and it has just the right amount of detail to give it an edge.

I’ve paired it with mixed metal accessories including a chain belt, pewter colored, super-low wedge shoes and a simple cotton, black legging. A minimalist hairstyle compliments this very chic look nicely without adding too much fuss and a lined 90’s inspired lip gives it a sassy twist.

Blouse, leggings, belt, Addition Elle




Shoes by Rocket Dog

Fat or Flight?

     Should we really have to choose?  Can we not soar above the rest and prove to ourselves that we are beautiful even though we don’t wear a size 0?  It took me my whole life to realize that self-acceptance, or, FLIGHT, if you will, is indeed possible.  You may be thinking – Flight?  Seems like an odd way to put it…  But when it all comes down to it, it makes sense, really.  As plus size women, we’ve been kept down, low, grounded.  Only in recent years has society become more accepting of the “fat girl” and even then, only to a certain extent.  But I’ve seen the changes.  They’re happening.  I’ve heard so many people speaking out openly about how they like a woman with “meat on her bones” and they are admitting that not only do they find big women attractive, but many actually prefer us!  Fashion has come an incredibly long way as well, with many designers now carrying plus size collections.  Not to mention, a whole world of plus sized options just a click away, online.  Clothes are being designed to be trendy, and to allow us to show off our voluptuous figures rather than hiding them under the dark, boxy silhouettes that used to be plus size clothing.  We are being referred to more and more as stylish, sexy and hot, words which I used to fear would never be spoken in my direction.  

Loving your body feels good.  Really good.  So claim it, ladies!  We are fat!  We are intelligent and we know what a healthy diet and active lifestyle consist of, whether we choose them or not.  We are beautiful, desirable and loveable, and we don’t need to live our lives not believing it!!!

     I’ve started this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I love fashion and through it, I have learned how to turn my bad days into good ones, my negative attitudes into positive ones and last but not least, the heads of others!!!  So this is for all of you who, like me, sometimes struggle with loving what you see in the mirror.  This is for all the ladies out there who have ever let the word “fat” hurt you.  It is OUR word now, and we will carry it with us.   We are each on our own journey.  Whether your flight is waiting for takeoff or you’re cruising at peak altitude, let your spirits be lifted and show yourselves just how sexy, hot and beautiful you can be!!!