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About That Athleisure Life

Every now and again, a new trend hits the scene that manages to combine style and comfort in the best possible way. The latest of these trends to really tickle my fancy: athleisure

It’s a little sporty, a little fancy, and a lot perfect. The combination of athletic pieces like baggy sweats & sneakers, with more luxurious fabrics, all topped off with some bling just speaks to my soul in a way that very few styles do. 

These joggers from ASOS are probably among the most interesting pieces in my wardrobe right now. I mean, faux sweatshirt arms are both the strangest and best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Like, really though… they’re super weird, but I’m kind of obsessed. 

Also, they are the perfect thing for rocking with a dressy, structured crop top as an unapologetic homage to the very apologetic 90s hoodie-around-the-waist style from my teens that I wore very strategically to hide my exposed belly from a society that didn’t approve of it, and that I hadn’t yet learned to just tell to fuck off. 

The sweats, this gorgeous crop top, and soft jersey longline vest are the ultimate pieces for  a little fall warmth and layered style. 

Paired with my beloved gold chain necklace from Ready To Stare, hoop earrings, and these sexy nude sneakers from Aldo, this look is the definition of what athleisure is all about, with the added bonus of challenging societal beauty standards as well. 

Athleisure may not be for everyone, but it is definitely one of my fave fall trends! It combines all of the things my fashion loving soul likes best, with the comfort of athletic wear. These days, there are very few things I value more when it comes to how I dress, than comfort that requires no sacrifice, or limitations on style, and athleisure is definitely the business! 

Sweatpants, ASOS – here 

Vest, Addition Elle – similar 

Crop Top, ASOS – here 

Necklace, Ready To Stare – here 

Sneakers, Aldo – here 

Extra Credit Part Deux

Extra Credit Part Deux

So, this past December, I had already decided upon my new year’s resolution – to stop being afraid of wearing color. I kicked the year off, a little in advance, by wearing a fabulous dress from Monif C. which I featured in a blog post – Color Me Fearless. Soon after, I realized that my photos didn’t show this dress off as well as it deserved, so I wrote another post – Extra Credit, and I showed off just how sublime the print of this dress truly is and promised to take better pictures in the dress- pictures worthy of its greatness.

So here you go, once more… As promised – the most mesmerizing print I’ve ever seen, let alone worn, the most beautiful dress and the most flawless combination of class and vibrant color. I just had to makes sure this dress got the credit it deserved, and not to mention, give credit to the amazing and talented Monif Clarke, of Monif C. for her fantastic designs!!!

Throwback Thursday – Selfie Confidence

Throwback Thursday - Selfie Confidence

Photo taken in 2008

From a very young age, I started hating myself in pictures. I couldn’t stand how huge I looked next to everyone else, how their flared, low-rise trousers looked so effortlessly cool and my men’s straight leg jeans just didn’t compare. I felt awkward, ugly and embarrassed and made every effort to destroy any copies of said pictures before my mum would have the chance to say ‘What are you talking about, honey? You look fine!’, which was, as anyone who remembers being young, THE single, most annoying thing your mother could say to you, whether she was right or not.

As a teen throughout the 90’s, the nightmare, that was clothes shopping (this topic deserves an entire post all to itself), became a little easier when I was finally mature enough to accept that I could no longer fit into an XL pair of black, stretch pants from a “regular” store and I discovered that there were a handful of boutiques carrying plus size clothing, albeit, geared to a much more mature market than me. But it was a start, and it was definitely better than muffin tops over too tight pants, or only being able to fit into men’s Levi’s, which didn’t have a cute term, like they do today with the “boyfriend jean”. So, while shopping became less frustrating, I still hadn’t found my groove and when I look through old photographs from high school (the ones which somehow managed to escape my clutches back in the day), I would describe my style as a mish-mash of poorly fitting jeans, tear-away track pants, too tight & too short baby T’s, matronly silhouettes of navy blue, brown lipstick and of course, chunky heels with stripper-esque platforms. It was an awkward look, to say the least.

As the years passed, the plus size market evolved. By the year 2000, It became less and less unheard of for a fat girl to sport a trendy look, and less difficult to find the components to put one together. Things were looking up! I was probably at my heaviest weight at that point, having just given birth to my first son, but remember going shopping and finding more clothes I loved, than I could afford to buy! This was a first! I remember thinking ‘this must be what skinny people feel like when they go shopping!’. This time, at least, it wasn’t that I couldn’t have it because it wasn’t made for me.  For once, I was faced with the same dilemma that normal girls my age faced – Too much choice! I still looked awful in pictures, though. Most of them being taken by my 5’1″ mother who was just short enough to take pictures from the perfect vantage point to really capture all the aspects of my double chin. I remember thinking ‘do I really look like this?’… Little did I know how drastically the way viewed myself would change.

By 2003, I had really started taking an interest in fashion and between then and 2006 I had yo-yoed in size and had lost a dramatic amount of weight in a very unhealthy manner, and gained it all back within that 3 year span. I had a second child and another on the way, and I struggled quite a bit at that point with self confidence. Some days I felt great, sexy even. Most days I just felt like I could never be as beautiful or desirable as a thin girl. But I still always made the effort. I always left the house looking good, even if I didn’t believe it at the time. I would soon buy myself a digital camera. How amazing was it, getting your first digital camera, right?!?! I had used one before, but I had never had my own. Once I got it open and figured out what I was doing, I took a picture. A selfie, which I don’t think was even a term anyone really used much back then. It was just of my face. Nothing major. It was summertime and I was on my way out to get groceries with my kids. Anyway, I remember looking at it, and realizing ‘HEY! I look good!’. I really couldn’t believe that I, ME, the girl who always thought she looked terrible in photographs, the girl who most days, felt too fat to be loved actually looked like a pretty, sophisticated and stylish young woman in a picture, nonetheless! Well… Needles to say, I went on a selfie rampage! Never before was it so easy to weed out the unattractive shots and fine tune the angles at which I took my pictures so that my beauty could actually be appreciated in a picture. I started to believe that maybe, just maybe, I was attractive! YES! Through taking selfies and seeing concrete evidence that was indeed a pretty, even sexy young lady, I began to truly embrace the way I looked!

I never stopped taking selfies. I am sure some view me as conceited or self-absorbed, but that is so far from the reality of why I take them. I take pictures of myself because they prove to me that I am beautiful. I’m not talking inner beauty here, I have all kinds of that, and that was never in question. I’m talking straight-up physical attractiveness. For some, that comes easily, but for a fat girl, who spent her life not being able to shop in the same places as her friends, who was teased from an early age and who struggled through a series of personal hardships, if they help me to feel good about myself, then I say, why not!?!? My selfies remind me, even on those days where I truly have a hard time seeing it (which are more frequent than I’d like to admit) that I should never feel like I am not worth being desired just because I wear a size 22. They remind me that I have style, that I am beautiful and that, yeah – You know what?!?! I AM HOT!

Fat or Flight?

     Should we really have to choose?  Can we not soar above the rest and prove to ourselves that we are beautiful even though we don’t wear a size 0?  It took me my whole life to realize that self-acceptance, or, FLIGHT, if you will, is indeed possible.  You may be thinking – Flight?  Seems like an odd way to put it…  But when it all comes down to it, it makes sense, really.  As plus size women, we’ve been kept down, low, grounded.  Only in recent years has society become more accepting of the “fat girl” and even then, only to a certain extent.  But I’ve seen the changes.  They’re happening.  I’ve heard so many people speaking out openly about how they like a woman with “meat on her bones” and they are admitting that not only do they find big women attractive, but many actually prefer us!  Fashion has come an incredibly long way as well, with many designers now carrying plus size collections.  Not to mention, a whole world of plus sized options just a click away, online.  Clothes are being designed to be trendy, and to allow us to show off our voluptuous figures rather than hiding them under the dark, boxy silhouettes that used to be plus size clothing.  We are being referred to more and more as stylish, sexy and hot, words which I used to fear would never be spoken in my direction.  

Loving your body feels good.  Really good.  So claim it, ladies!  We are fat!  We are intelligent and we know what a healthy diet and active lifestyle consist of, whether we choose them or not.  We are beautiful, desirable and loveable, and we don’t need to live our lives not believing it!!!

     I’ve started this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I love fashion and through it, I have learned how to turn my bad days into good ones, my negative attitudes into positive ones and last but not least, the heads of others!!!  So this is for all of you who, like me, sometimes struggle with loving what you see in the mirror.  This is for all the ladies out there who have ever let the word “fat” hurt you.  It is OUR word now, and we will carry it with us.   We are each on our own journey.  Whether your flight is waiting for takeoff or you’re cruising at peak altitude, let your spirits be lifted and show yourselves just how sexy, hot and beautiful you can be!!!