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This Just In

This Just In

First of all, look at me!!! Look at me!!! No, seriously… LOOK AT ME!!! My hair is straightened!!! Ahhh!!! (I did not do this CAN not do this myself, so this is BIG!)  Secondly – it finally arrived!!! I’d been waiting so impatiently for my package from Babooshka Boutique, and this week it finally arrived!!! I’m a little excited, in case you couldn’t tell.

A little while ago I ordered one of Babooshka Boutique’s fabulous design your own faux leather vent-tees and a couple of their great turbans, and I couldn’t be more pleased! As a plus sized girl, it is always fun when a “regular size” manufacturer’s product can accommodate my full figured frame; and this gorgeous, oversized vented tee (in an XL, their largest size – I usually wear a 2x 0r 18/20 on top) does exactly that, and flawlessly! There are quite a few items that look very generously cut as well, so if you know your body and are interested, don’t be scared to take a look!

I went with the charcoal grey jersey (so soft, like, OMG) and matte white sleeves, and I have to say, I’m really digging the combination! I love the modern silhouette of this top and its versatility. You could wear it with a cute pair of shorts, leggings, (which is what I went with) or even over a basic bodycon dress or skirt, if you’re feeling playful! I’ve paired my outfit with a great pair of grey, faux alligator pumps from Payless, silver earrings and a fun spiked bracelet from Addition Elle, for a clean, chic look that is smart and sophisticated, yet comfortable beyond belief.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days to see how I’ve been playing around with the turbans!  So much fun!!!

Nail Polish Overdose


Well… I couldn’t help myself. I went on a nail polish binge this afternoon. It’s been known to happen from time to time. They were all either really cheap or on sale (woohoo!) so I went a little crazy…

I have a few of the pricier nail polishes (and by pricey, I mean the 8, 9 and $10 ones) and they are great, but I’m finding lately that more often than not, it’s not worth forking out the extra cash, as the cheaper nail polishes are often just as good as the more costly ones.

First up is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 205 Pink Blink. I’ve been looking for a nice baby pink for a while now, but always ended up going for something less ordinary. So seeing as it was on sale for just under $4, I went for it! Yay!

Next is another Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in 350 Wined Up (good name, no?). It’s a shimmery shade and it’ll work well with this new vamp lipstick that I picked up a while back and am still not sure if I look good in or not. Ha.

Moving on, here is one that I am really looking forward to trying! It’s an NYC In a New York Minute Quick Dry polish in 270 Sidewalkers. It’s such a cool color!!! I mean, grey nail polish? Whaaa? SO EXCITED! And at around $2 – you just can’t go wrong. Plus, I can’t wait to test it out with the next item on my list; an NYC 274 Matte Me Crazy mattifying (is that even a word?) top coat.

Last but not least, a Maybelline Color Show polish in 305 Gilded Rose. It’s got tiny light gold sparkles as well as slightly larger rose gold colored ones. Very exciting indeed!

Be sure to keep an eye out for them in my upcoming posts!

The Beauty of Black & White

The Beauty of Black & White

When I see myself in a black & white photo, when the lighting is just right and I’m looking elegant and fabulous, I secretly wish that color didn’t exist and that I could look like this every moment of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love color; but there is something to be said for the timeless elegance of a great black & white shot! Not only do they camouflage a multitude of pigment related sins (like my rosacea) effortlessly, but the right B & W photo, with the contrast tweaked just perfectly, has this way of making anyone look like an old time Hollywood movie star.

There is a certain mystique – a curiosity about old photographs that I have long been fascinated with. What color was her dress? I wonder what color lipstick that was? Do you think it was red? Yes, red, it must have been red…

So add a little old world glamour to your selfie repertoire! Play around with your black & white photo editing options and let your inner Hollywood shine through!

Olive You

Army Green & Gold

Olive green is one of my favorite colors to wear and I don’t know why I don’t have more of it in my closet. I doubt there is a skin tone/hair color that olive green doesn’t compliment (and if there is, I stand corrected).

This olive green sweater with gold shoulder & elbow detail from Addition Elle is just perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute pair of shoes, such as these leopard print flats with hot pink bows for an unexpected splash of color.

This is a great casual, weekend look that can be worn as is or taken to the next level with some chunky jewelry for a trendy, put-together look that is as comfy as it is cute!

Sweater, jeans, bracelets, watch and ring – Addition Elle

Shoes – Walmart

Necklace, earrings – Aldo

The Perfect White Blouse

The Perfect White Blouse

What can I say? This blouse from Addition Elle is absolutely perfect. There is no other way to describe it. It fits like a dream.  Its high-low hemline drapes in just the right way to show off gorgeous, round hips and it has just the right amount of detail to give it an edge.

I’ve paired it with mixed metal accessories including a chain belt, pewter colored, super-low wedge shoes and a simple cotton, black legging. A minimalist hairstyle compliments this very chic look nicely without adding too much fuss and a lined 90’s inspired lip gives it a sassy twist.

Blouse, leggings, belt, Addition Elle,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=AE&q=white%20blouse,default,pd.html?dwvar_723203_color=Black&start=8&cgid=AE-Apparel-Leggings,default,pd.html?dwvar_724352_color=silver&start=4&cgid=AE&q=metal%20belt

Shoes by Rocket Dog

Lest We Forget – Souvenons-Nous

Lest We Forget

Today, as we should each day, we remember those who fought, gave their lives and continue to fight for our country and our freedom. We all lead busy lives, but please take a moment to honour our soldiers and veterans on this day for the sacrifices they have made for us, our children and for generations to come. Thank you.

Aujourd’hui, alors que nous devrions chaque jour, nous nous souvenons de ceux qui ont combattu, ont donné leur vie et ceux qui continuent à se battre pour notre pays et notre liberté. Nous menons tous des vies chargées, mais SVP prenez un moment pour rendre hommage à nos soldats et anciens combattants aujourd’hui pour les sacrifices qu’ils ont consentis pour nous, nos enfants et les générations à venir. Je vous remercie.

Insert Cougar Joke Here

Insert Cougar Joke Here

Rawr!!! Am I right? Haha…

This on trend, animal print, evening look is perfect for date night! These ultra chic leopard print 7/8 pants by Michel Studio certainly steal the show, and are paired stylishly with a solid black, cold shoulder top with gold detail, cognac colored, studded pleather jacket, black & gold leopard head skinny belt, double cross necklace and of course, red flats for a sassy splash of comfortable color. A perfect ensemble for dinner and a movie or for dancing the night away! My hubby DEFINITELY approves!!!

7/8 Pants, Addition Elle,default,pd.html?dwvar_308094_color=black&start=16&cgid=AE&q=pants

Jacket, Addition Elle,default,pd.html?dwvar_724231_color=cognac&start=20&cgid=AE&q=jacket

Belt, Addition Elle,default,pd.html?dwvar_309257_color=black&start=4&cgid=AE&q=leopard

Top & Necklace, Walmart

Shoes, Payless