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Black is the New Red

Black is the New Red

Well… Could it get any better? Valentine’s Day on a Friday night!!! Whether you’re spending the evening by your sweetheart’s side or going to a fabulous V-Day singles party, you need the perfect dress!

Traditionally, red is the go-to color to celebrate love and romance; it’s sultry and seductive and definitely gets the point across; but classic black will never go out of style and is always a sexy option too. That’s why I’ve decided to go with my favorite little black dress (or LBD for those of you who love your acronyms) to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

This gorgeous frock from Michel Antoni Collection is both sexy and elegant all at once. Its tasteful cut combined with the pizzazz of sequins and cold shoulder detail spice things up just enough make it the perfect mix of class and provocativeness. In this dress, paired with my favorite gold pumps, I’m all set to enjoy a fantastic evening reminding my hubby why he fell in love with me!

Once again, as I mentioned in my earlier post, Happy Valentine’s Day to all! And one more thing… Whether you’re in love, whether you’re single or your heart has been broken, somebody loves you and you are never alone.

Smooth Like Butta

Smooth Like Butta

There is something about light yellow – an edible quality, almost.  It’s comforting and rich like smooth, creamy butter being spread on golden toast at breakfast time. It’s calming, relaxing, yet bright and sunny, like morning.

It was this exact attribute, this buttery, yellow deliciousness which drew me to this top in the first place. When I picked it up, I hadn’t even given the gorgeous print much attention as I was so drawn to the delicate color behind it; but now that it hangs in my closet, I can fully appreciate it in all of its splendor.

I’ve paired this lovely piece with simple, basic black leggings, gold jewelry, a pretty gold flat with a sparkly captoe and light pink nails for a clean, elegant, daytime look that is as delectable as freshly churned butter.

(It’s not hard to tell that this has been written by a fat girl… Haha!)

Top, leggings – Addition Elle
Shoes – Payless

Sneak Peak for the Week

Well, I’ve been really busy, and somewhat exhausted over the past few days and regretfully haven’t taken any new pictures (or even worn anything remotely picture worthy, unless you’re an old-worn-out-pyjama aficionado)… But have no fear!!! Not that you would have anyway… Haha…

Here is a little aperçu of what I have lined up for the next week or so! The week is 8 days long, right?

For the Love of Leggings

For the Love of Leggings

It’s official – these leggings are my favorite things EVER.

These are my first printed pair, which I recently ordered from Forever21+ and they are just SO HOT! I mean, I can’t… I can’t even! They are just delicious. I will admit, the prospect of such a loud print on pants scared me at first, but I decided that I loved it too much to let myself be afraid of it!

These leggings are perfect paired with a snug, body hugging, black top to really show off all my curves, and a nice pair of wedges to make my booty pop!

I’m fairly certain my hubby didn’t know what hit him when he saw me in these; but it goes without saying that he liked what he saw!

Mean Jeans

So, coated jeans have been popular for quite some time now – even my husband has a couple of pairs! I, however, had a really hard time finding a pair that worked for me.

I had been drooling over all the coated jean styles for a long time, but all the pairs I tried on seemed to have minds of their own; as though they were trying their absolute hardest to accentuate my flaws and be as unflattering as possible, saying “haha, our lustrous sheen will never look good over your fat thighs”.

I had all but given up when I stumbled upon this pair of black coated jeans at Addition Elle. I was reluctant to try them on but as soon as I did, I knew I could rock them.

My immediate instinct was to wear them with a tight fitting top and heels for an evening look, but upon execution I really didn’t like the combination; so I went with a lovely red, black & tan chiffon top that didn’t fit too closely to the body, paired with an adorable black & white printed flat (mixing prints is so fun when it’s done right). I found that these jeans were best suited for a daytime chic look more than anything else.

All I can say is: Cynthia – 1 / Mocking, doubting coated jeans – 0. And… Don’t ever give up on a style that you love just because you think it isn’t right for you – there are ALWAYS options!

Black & Blue

As much as I love color, there is just something so easy to me about wearing blue jeans with a black top.  It’s definitely my comfort zone; but who doesn’t like to be comfortable!?

And while we’re on the topic of comfort, let me just take a moment to talk to you about Hush Puppies.  These shoes are amazing!  I could literally stand all day and not feel a thing in these (ok, not literally; but you know what I mean).  This pair have a pretty little ruffle that I just love and they work so well into a casual daytime look.  Paired with a flowy, black chiffon, peasant style blouse from Penningtons and a cute pair of skinnies from Addition Elle, rolled up to expose the great bright blue underneath which I just couldn’t let go to waste, these shoes are the perfect accessory to assure that I look stylish, relaxed and feel comfortable all day long.


Extra Credit

fabric1So, towards the start of the New Year I had written a post called “Color Me Fearless“. It was about this insanely gorgeous Monif C dress that I wore as part of my self-challenge to wear more color.

Upon looking back, I realized that the photos I posted really don’t do justice to the fabulous print of this dress.

I just felt like it deserved a little extra credit for being so stunning; and I will definitely be taking some better pictures in this dress in the very near future because I really feel like it deserves to be showcased better than it was in the pics which were snapped while we were on our way out the door in a rush, in low light, by my 13-year-old-extremely-uninterested-in-being-my-personal-photographer son. Ha.

To be continued…