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Extra Credit

fabric1So, towards the start of the New Year I had written a post called “Color Me Fearless“. It was about this insanely gorgeous Monif C dress that I wore as part of my self-challenge to wear more color.

Upon looking back, I realized that the photos I posted really don’t do justice to the fabulous print of this dress.

I just felt like it deserved a little extra credit for being so stunning; and I will definitely be taking some better pictures in this dress in the very near future because I really feel like it deserves to be showcased better than it was in the pics which were snapped while we were on our way out the door in a rush, in low light, by my 13-year-old-extremely-uninterested-in-being-my-personal-photographer son. Ha.

To be continued…

The Undercut Cannot Be Undersold

The Undercut Cannot Be Undersold

So, according to a Huffington Post article I read this fall, the undercut is the haircut that all men should have; and after seeing the eye candy distributed throughout the article, I wholeheartedly agree.

That debonair, vintage, long on top, short on the bottom haircut was rebellious in the 90’s and is now a modern, 40’s inspired classic, and it has really gotten my attention; so much so, that I decided that it would be my youngest son’s first.

I can’t even. It’s so perfect. See for yourselves! Even my oldest son has decided this will be his next cut! (Pics to follow?)

The Beauty of Black & White

The Beauty of Black & White

When I see myself in a black & white photo, when the lighting is just right and I’m looking elegant and fabulous, I secretly wish that color didn’t exist and that I could look like this every moment of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love color; but there is something to be said for the timeless elegance of a great black & white shot! Not only do they camouflage a multitude of pigment related sins (like my rosacea) effortlessly, but the right B & W photo, with the contrast tweaked just perfectly, has this way of making anyone look like an old time Hollywood movie star.

There is a certain mystique – a curiosity about old photographs that I have long been fascinated with. What color was her dress? I wonder what color lipstick that was? Do you think it was red? Yes, red, it must have been red…

So add a little old world glamour to your selfie repertoire! Play around with your black & white photo editing options and let your inner Hollywood shine through!

Olive You

Army Green & Gold

Olive green is one of my favorite colors to wear and I don’t know why I don’t have more of it in my closet. I doubt there is a skin tone/hair color that olive green doesn’t compliment (and if there is, I stand corrected).

This olive green sweater with gold shoulder & elbow detail from Addition Elle is just perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and a cute pair of shoes, such as these leopard print flats with hot pink bows for an unexpected splash of color.

This is a great casual, weekend look that can be worn as is or taken to the next level with some chunky jewelry for a trendy, put-together look that is as comfy as it is cute!

Sweater, jeans, bracelets, watch and ring – Addition Elle

Shoes – Walmart

Necklace, earrings – Aldo

My Greatest Accessory

My Greatest Accessory

No designer handbag can compare to the way my hubby looks on my arm!

He’s my best friend, the greatest husband and father a wife could ask for and has amazing style! He is addicted to my curves and I adore him all the more for it.

In the great wardrobe of life, every girl deserves an accessory they love as much as I love this man!!!

The Perfect White Blouse

The Perfect White Blouse

What can I say? This blouse from Addition Elle is absolutely perfect. There is no other way to describe it. It fits like a dream.  Its high-low hemline drapes in just the right way to show off gorgeous, round hips and it has just the right amount of detail to give it an edge.

I’ve paired it with mixed metal accessories including a chain belt, pewter colored, super-low wedge shoes and a simple cotton, black legging. A minimalist hairstyle compliments this very chic look nicely without adding too much fuss and a lined 90’s inspired lip gives it a sassy twist.

Blouse, leggings, belt, Addition Elle,default,pd.html?start=3&cgid=AE&q=white%20blouse,default,pd.html?dwvar_723203_color=Black&start=8&cgid=AE-Apparel-Leggings,default,pd.html?dwvar_724352_color=silver&start=4&cgid=AE&q=metal%20belt

Shoes by Rocket Dog

Lest We Forget – Souvenons-Nous

Lest We Forget

Today, as we should each day, we remember those who fought, gave their lives and continue to fight for our country and our freedom. We all lead busy lives, but please take a moment to honour our soldiers and veterans on this day for the sacrifices they have made for us, our children and for generations to come. Thank you.

Aujourd’hui, alors que nous devrions chaque jour, nous nous souvenons de ceux qui ont combattu, ont donné leur vie et ceux qui continuent à se battre pour notre pays et notre liberté. Nous menons tous des vies chargées, mais SVP prenez un moment pour rendre hommage à nos soldats et anciens combattants aujourd’hui pour les sacrifices qu’ils ont consentis pour nous, nos enfants et les générations à venir. Je vous remercie.