Don’t Flatter Yourself, Cupcake

“That designer should be fired,” they said… “Not flattering at all,” they said… “Even the model looks unhappy to be wearing it,” they said… But what did Alysse Delassandro, designer (and said “unhappy” model) of the controversial Ready To Stare Convertible Cupcake Dress say…?

Fuck you to flattering fat girl clothes,” and I couldn’t agree more! 


I saw it on Facebook first, back around the time her holiday collection launched — the nasty comments, all because a designer dared to challenge society’s idea of what plus size fashion should be. 

Even though I’ve learned not to be surprised by the closed-mindedness of people on the Internet, I couldn’t help but be a little bit shocked that so many plus size women themselves couldn’t see how empowering a statement this dress (which can also be worn as a skirt) truly was. 

I get it though, I don’t feel this way personally, but I get it — we, as fat women, have fought so hard to wear form fitting clothes and be accepted by society, that the idea of wearing a piece that hides our curves seems scary — but it’s not.

In fact, it’s probably no more scary than the first time a fat woman wore a bodycon dress, which, newsflash — angry conformists everywhere probably had a problem with too! 
 What Alysse has done, is go up against the standard, which was once a controversy itself, and say, it’s time to forge further and conquer new territory in plus size fashion! It’s time to step out of these stagnant waters and allow ourselves to accept that we have a right to wear any style a thin person can, whether society deems it “flattering” or not! 
All of that aside, I love this dress. I loved it even as my eyes were drawn down into vitriol being spewed in the comments section, and not just because I think everything Alysse touches turns to gaudy, yellow gold (in the most perfect possible sense, of course) but because it’s playful, bold, and one of the most couture plus size pieces I’ve seen this year. 
 So as it comes to a close, and we ready ourselves to stare 2016 in the face, I wish you all very happy holidays, as I prance through the snow in festive red, woven with gold, that, like its name suggests, looks good enough to eat! 


Dress, Ready To Stare – here 

Shoes, Shoes Of Prey, designed by me- design your own here 

Necklace, Forever 21+ – old, similar 

Shawl coat, Forever 21+ – old, similar 


  1. Chloe

    You look fabulous. You, and this dress, give me hope that I too can wear something that doesn’t conceal my shape, but flaunts it. Looking good =/= looking smaller than I am. I’m fat, my bulk isn’t going to magically disappear if I wear “slimming” black. Bravo to you, and to the designer.

  2. Fran Galli

    I loved this dress as soon as i saw it. Yes, it’s different- totally out of the box. But its a statement dress. That statement is “warning fabulosity at full force, unsuitable for small minded people “. I couldn’t buy it in time for Christmas #gutted. & it’s sold out in my sz. Hopefully there will be more to come next year.

  3. robbie

    Love the fabric and love the garment as a skirt. There are still a lot of full bodied women out here struggling with self acceptance. It’s a difficult journey.

  4. Lori McGhee

    OK well I too am plus size and I too believe women of all sizes should wear whatever they want but I don’t like this dress, I love the colour and the fabric but it just looks like a skirt pulled up to me so I wouldn’t buy it. Having said that neither would I spew hatred and vitriol towards either the wearer or designer. People need to learn to chill and accept others choices I mean seriously what harm is anyone doing by wearing this garment? People need to realise that no matter what someone chooses to wear it doesn’t change them as a person it’s simply an expression of their personal style, if they are a shitty person they will still be a shitty person even if they don a nuns habit and top it off with a halo, if they are a lovely person they will still be a lovely person even if they are wearing a garment someone doesn’t like.

  5. paintgurl40

    You look great in that dress. With that being said, I think it’s cute, but it’s an adjustment to wearing a voluminous dress that is saying, “I’m big and so is this dress. So what!!” It’s a dress for the fearless.

  6. Becca

    I take skirts and make dresses like this out of them all the time and I get the nicest compliments about them too. I would ware this dress in a heartbeat!!!!

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