Sweater and Ice, and Everything Nice

We had an ice storm yesterday in Montreal. It reminded me of those two glorious weeks of high school that were canceled in 1998 when we had the most epic one we’d ever seen. This was nothing like it, but my car did manage to magically grow a second window, if you will – four of them, actually.

I love the way the entire world outside looks crystallized during an ice storm, frozen in time, sparkling and crackling in the wind – so crisp and ethereal; and when such delicate beauty surrounds you, it’s important to keep cozy and stay chic!

I can’t think if a better way to do it than to drape oneself in faux-fur, and the ultimate soft sweater by BB Dakota, from Voluptuous Clothing!!!

I love the elegance of its dusty rose colour and how it looks against my Christmas presies from my mum – this gorgeous, grey faux-fur trapper hat and matching snood from Chapters/Indigo (leave it to me to walk into Chapters and leave with something other than a book on my Christmas list).



So fab paired with simple black leggings and boots, and the most amazing silver, iridescent clutch from Penningtons.

So, while outside looks like a flash frozen time capsule, preserving perfectly, life as it was a whole two days ago, I’m warm and toasty in my luxurious sweater, and feeling as Voluptuous as ever!


Sweater, Voluptuous Clothing – here
Trapper Hat, Chapters/Indigo – here
Snood, Chapters/Indigo – sold out in grey, similar (brown)
Clutch, Penningtons – here



  1. Abbi

    I love, love, love the hat. I am always fascinated by snow and cold. I only saw snow for the first time when I was 24 and even 10 years later it amazes me.

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      Thanksss!!! Trust me, year after year, as winter drags on for as long as 5 months, the novelty wears off! Right now it’s -19*C (-23* with the wind chill factor) Brrrr!!! The ice storms will always amaze me though, I must admit! Seeing the world frozen in time never gets old! ❄️❄️❄️

  2. Kobi_Jae

    Oh my goodness, that hat is too cute! The whole outfit is adorable, but here in Australia i’m absolutely sweltering and would KILL to be in a gorgeous, snuggly outfit like this.

    You look beautiful 🙂

    Kobi x

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