Lose Hate, Not Weight

So, I was called fat and ugly in front of my kids today by a woman who didn’t like hearing the truth.

While I was in a parking lot, driving away from the store, I witnessed a man in his car, cut off another car (this woman’s) as he left his parking spot. The woman stopped, rolled down her window and screamed at the man, who had a thick accent, calling him a son if a b*tch, and telling him to go back to his f*cking country.

As the man drove off, I looked at the woman like “really!?”

IMG_3534-1.JPGShe then pulled up next to my car with a grin, as if I were about to take her side… But I wasn’t. I told her what she said was wrong. Yes, he should have signalled, but I was disgusted by the words she chose to say to this man, who honestly, just made a mistake. See, my husband is a Haitian immigrant, and I would lose my sh*t if anyone ever spoke that way to him!!!

As she tried to defend herself, I rolled up my window, not having any of it. My son continued to look at her, so she drove around to the other side of the car, got out, and attempted to open his door! Like, really!? Luckily, I had locked them.

Frustrated that she couldn’t do whatever it was that she wanted to do to him, she began to scream at me through our closed windows “go on a diet (accompanied by gestures) you fat b*tch, you’re fat and ugly!!!” I just looked her straight in the eye, grinned, and she got back in her car and drove off unsatisfied by my lack of reaction.

All this, in front of my children. I’m so disgusted that she would be so low, but I am not insulted. She, and people like her, just continue to motivate me and fuel my mission. Her ignorance and lack of respect only make me realize how important what I’m doing truly is!!!

I am fat! Nobody can use that to insult me! And although I wish it hadn’t happened, I’m still glad my children got to see how strong I am and how her words of hate did not shake me.

IMG_3521.JPGJust figured I’d share, in case any of you ever need a bit of strength when facing a bully; and I’ll also take this opportunity to thank you all once again for being a part of my journey – you have no idea how much you keep me inspired!!!



  1. Barb

    Good for you!!!!! My husband is an immigrant as well, and I would have gone ape-sh*t all over her as well. And yes..I’m fat too, but certainly not ugly..and neither are you. Geesh. Tell us something we don’t already know.! She on the other hand is ignorant and will unfortunately remain that way! Sorry your kids had to see that, but they must be proud of their strong beautiful Mommy 🙂

  2. Megan

    Good for you! The other day on the street a guy tried to high five me while saying ‘ever thought of trying low carb?’ ‘NO! DICK!’I was silenced for years, afraid to defend myself because I felt like I deserved it. I also wouldn’t respond because I feared I’d start crying. At 37, I am proud of myself for finally defending myself. I walked away from a bully for the first time in my life feeling like I did right by myself finally. All part of my body acceptance work I finally started at age 36. Thank you for being so honest and strong!

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      Wow! Thank you so much for your inspirational comment! I was like you, afraid to stand up for myself too. It all started to change for me a few years ago, but mostly during the past year as well.

      Keep on being fabulous, and showing the world thay nobody can bring you down! 💗😊

  3. Martha

    Im so glad you did that so sad your kids have to see that . I also give the same reaction a big smile . My husband is black ive often had to listen to people’s racist crap and hear about my weight .I figure their life must be shit mine isn’t and im healthy and happy .On a positive note I was coming off the elevator from the dr and a nice looking older man smiled at me and said hello gorgeous made my day lol. Im really enjoying your blog .

  4. everydayquirkygirl

    I had an incident very similar just 2 days ago! I was waiting in a small car park for a space, a long with 2 other cars when a woman came to her car to move and I was going to take her space. A man came up from behind and tried to steal to spot, nearly hitting my front end. I got the spot in the end but he clearly seemed hacked off and proceeded to go park in the only disabled spot. As he got out at the same time as me, I asked if he was disabled and his reply was “none of your fucking business you fat cow”. I was a little taken back by such an aggressive response but not really suprised since he was clearly a moron. We walked in to the shop and I said rather loudly “Sorry you feel the need to call a woman half your age a fat cow because she asked if you were disabled after you took the ONLY disabled space, I hope you’re never in a position to need one and have a thoughtless muppet take it because they can’t wait 2 minutes like CIVILISED people” he looked thoroughly ashamed and everyone stared at him, even the staff didn’t smile at the checkout. Screw him.

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      Wow!!! What an A-hole!!! Like seriously!? Who says that? It always stuns me when it happens! Like, I can’t even believe that people actually act this way! I’m not usually very good in confrontations, usually out of dismay, and tend to not hadle situations as confidently as I did on this occasion, but I think since it started with me defending somebody else, I was a little more confident when it came to keeping my dignity when she turned on me. Good for you for showing him how wrong his behaviour was! Good for you for calling him out!!! And good for you, especially, for defending yourself!!! Yasssss!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. juliette

    Good for you! it’s important that we let people know that racist comments, attempts to shame women about their appearance and other antisocial, frankly psychotic behavior is just not acceptable! I’m proud of you – it’s not always easy. And btw, even though you don’t need me or anyone else to say it, you are a gorgeous girl with impeccable style. Just recently found your blog and I’m been slowly going through it, savoring the way you put outfits together. FIERCE! ((())))

  6. margotmeanie

    What a horrendous woman! I’m sorry you had to endure that, but it does give resolve to keep doing what your doing! Which, btw, you are ROCKING!


    ps, your nails are sooo fabulous!

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      I think I was just so in shock at the whole situation that I didn’t even have a chance to process what was going on enough to flip out! Haha! It is quite possible that if I had had more time to let it sink in before she drove off, I may have not handled it so gracefully… lolll 😂😏

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