Transitioning In Style

So as much as we don’t want to think about it, Fall is creeping up on us, little by little. (I know, I know, shut up, right!?)

A great way to transition your wardrobe into Fall, without giving up your favourite Summer pieces is to find ways to incorporate them, rather than storing them away till next year. Swimsuits can become bodysuits, maxi dresses can be transformed with a nice blazer, and coverups can be repurposed into great layering pieces. The possibilities are endless!

This stunning Mosaic duster from Zelie For She isn’t necessarily only a coverup, but definitely has all the characteristics of one. This long, flowy piece works beautifully over a bikini at the beach during the summer months, and can be given new life paired with a simple tank top (Forever 21+), leggings (Addition Elle) and pulled up into an amazing belt for Fall.

Wear with a statement sandal, like these gladiators from Ashley Stewart, for the early transitional period, or if it’s later in the season, try a great chunky heeled pump, or boot!

With great pieces like this, it only makes sense to keep reinventing them so you can enjoy them year round… Now if only I could figure out a way to make these sandals work during a Montreal winter!!!


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