À La “Mod”

Well, this post should have gone up yesterday, but unfortunately one of my kids managed to hide my new top and it took me a whole day to find it. Have I ever mentioned how lovable and perfectly behaved my children are? Ha. I could use some of that inverted italic sarcasm font right about now.

This top, is one of my newest purchases from a really awesome site that I recently stumbled upon called ModDeals. It was my first purchase from them, and I have to admit, I am pleasantly surprised!

See, the thing that makes this site so special is that just about everything on it has a price tag of $10 or less! Even shoes!!! Whaaaat!? I know right!?!? Of course, this doesn’t include shipping fees, but regardless, even though I can say that each item I ordered cost me roughly double the listed price with the shipping included, give or take a few bucks, it was still a great deal on some awesome fast fashion purchases!

The quality is fair, and as far as fit goes, this top is a bit on the small size – about a size down. It seems that this site sells several brands, so it’s hard to comment on, or make any recommendations about sizing in general; but I always suggest that when in doubt, order a size up. One thing that do I find absolutely amazing is that that every item lists the size that the model is wearing. This alone can be a very useful tool when it comes to online shopping, but it doesn’t end there! There is even a tab called ‘Model Stats’ which lists her measurements too! I’m honestly REALLY impressed by this because most of the big chain, major retailers don’t even offer such amazing purchasing aids and it can be really helpful, especially for us plus sized girls!

Anyway, it goes without saying that the top is really gorgeous! The floral print is bright and lively and the material is really pretty, too! The front is sheer, but opaque enough to wear just a bra underneath, and the fabric of the back and sleeves is soft and drapes nicely.

I’ve paired the it with a simple pair of skinny jeans, gold bangles, earrings from Addition Elle, a long gold chain from Forever 21, and some cute leopard print flats from Walmart for a fabulous, colorful look that is perfect for springtime, and doesn’t break the bank!



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