The Right To Bare Arms

The Right To Bare Arms

I have struggled with accepting my body my entire life. I’ve learned to accept my tummy, made peace with my love handles, and I’ve even grown to adore my big, round hips; but the one aspect of myself that I still have difficulty trying to come to terms with, are my arms.

I don’t remember the last time I wore something sleeveless without a cardigan, jacket, bolero or shawl. I think I was already self-conscious about my upper arms by the end of elementary school. In fact, I still can’t shake the feeling that they are in some way hideous, an embarrassment… Disgusting. I hate to feel this way though, because I deserve to show my arms just like anyone else – without shame, or the fear that someone might laugh or be offended.  So, I am making it my mission to get over my lingering insecurity and allow myself the right to bear my bare arms for the whole world to see.

So, here they are in all their chubby, bat-winged glory!!! And, to show them off in style, I’ve chosen this beautiful, turquoise colored, scuba knit dress from Forever 21+. The fabric is dense, yet lightweight and luxurious feeling, and the color is simply divine. I’ve paired it with a gorgeous chain fringe necklace from Addition Elle, whimsical knuckle ring from Forever 21 and simple, white patent, cork wedges by Marc Fisher, for an chic, sophisticated look.

I cannot yet, in all honesty, claim that I feel 100% at ease with my bare arms, but this is definitely a starting point.  And, who knows? Maybe one day I’ll learn to love my arm wattle as much as I love my hips!



  1. Controlled Chaos

    There’s always something that we’re going to be irrationally insecure about, isn’t there? I never really had any insecurities about my arms until a few years ago when it seemed like all of a sudden how women’s arms looked became a big deal. It had never even occurred to me that they were something that I COULD be insecure about before then. But once I heard that it was a thing, the little doubts crept in about whether or not MY arms looked good enough or not.
    But like most things that we as women are told that we should be insecure about I quickly decided that I was better off NOT worrying about it. Besides, I LOVE my tank tops and I’m not about to give them up because someone else might not like how my arms look. 😉
    And by the way, you have nothing to be insecure about. You look fabulous, bare arms included. 🙂
    (I know that getting over insecurities is harder than just being told that you don’t need to worry. But I figure some positive reinforcement doesn’t hurt though. 🙂 )

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      Thank you SO much!!! And, I totally agree – we are our own worst enemies when it come to our bodies, and no matter how irrational we know we are being sometimes, we just can’t help ourselves. The positive reinforcement DEFINITELY does help!!! Thanks again! 🙂

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