Wearable Art, Clearly

Clear Vinyl

Do you ever see a piece of clothing online, or in a store and just feel connected to it, as if your desire for it is stronger than anything else you are feeling at that very moment?

Well, that is precisely what happened when I first laid eyes on this clear vinyl moto jacket, designed by fellow plus sized fashion blogger, Nadia Aboulhosn, for MYNT 1792’s Blogger Collection, as well as these amazing textured Love & Legend joggers from Addition Elle. Once I saw them for the first time, I knew my life just wouldn’t be complete without making them mine. Yes… The desire was that intense.

Now, I can’t say that this awesome, 90’s inspired jacket is the most comfortable item in my closet, but what it lacks in comfort, it makes up for with style. I love the details – the black belt, epaulettes, and the little coin pocket – it is the perfect example of wearable art; and it just works so perfectly with the gorgeous boucle fabric and black trim of the joggers, which incidentally, are so comfortable that they compensate beautifully for any comfort deficit that wearing a plastic jacket may entail.

I decided to go very simple with how I put this outfit together to really showcase this show-stopping jacket and these fab joggers. I’ve paired them with a very basic, Addition Elle, white 2-way tank, a great pair of black patent, pointy toed pumps from Payless, and some gunmetal and clear bracelets, for a clean, striking look with a definite edge.

I love how far the plus size clothing market has come and I truly hope to see more and more fearless pieces like these in the future!



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