Haiti Cherie

Memories of Haiti

It’s been so cold here in Montreal this winter – hashtag polar vortex, n’est ce pas? All I can seem to think about these days are, when will winter be over? This isn’t fair! What does a stupid groundhog know, anyway? And, of course – I really need to get away to someplace warm, where I can drink rum from a coconut and relax on the beach in a great swimdress such as this one from swimsuitsforall.com, paired with white capris, allowing it to double s a top and a swimsuit in one!

For many, a vacation to a tropical island is just that – a vacation; but for my husband and I, it is a chance to visit with his parents, family and friends. It is a trip home (or in my case, my second home) which just happens to be paradise on earth.

In Haiti, the history is rich and the culture is celebrated, especially in its people’s hearts which definitely shines through in their welcoming, kind spirits and their immense courage and strength. We are all aware of the devastation following the terrible earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, which my husband’s parents, by the grace of God, survived, despite the house collapsing. But I do not wish to focus on the many negative issues surrounding Haiti, be they political, economical or otherwise. Today I just want to share with all of you, a little piece of Haiti through my eyes.

In the city it is full of life, excitement and color. The lively echo of Creole being spoken all around you, brightly painted tap tap busses, chock full of commuters line the streets; markets full of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and fish seem to be constantly in motion like the sea, all while the intoxicating smell of griot and banann peze (fried pork and plantains) delight the senses as they cook alongside the road.

And the countryside… The countryside is virtually a utopia, ripe with palms, mango trees and lush green mountains as far as they eye can see. The beaches are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever visited, with the beat of live Konpa music in the distance as you eat fresh lanbi (conch) cooked in seawater and relax in the shade of a guava tree with the cool ocean breeze dancing across your skin.

I look forward to my next trip to Haiti, which can’t come soon enough and I hope I have succeeded in showing you how close to my heart I carry this beautiful country, and always will.


    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      It is. Haiti is such a beautiful place, and while I am well aware that the mass poverty and political unrest are issues that cannot be overlooked and are so devastating to the people, I believe that showing the good side of this country, which isn’t often shown in the media, could help to make people realize that visiting Haiti is both an amazing cultural experience, as well as a boost to a struggling economy.

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