Black & Blue

As much as I love color, there is just something so easy to me about wearing blue jeans with a black top.  It’s definitely my comfort zone; but who doesn’t like to be comfortable!?

And while we’re on the topic of comfort, let me just take a moment to talk to you about Hush Puppies.  These shoes are amazing!  I could literally stand all day and not feel a thing in these (ok, not literally; but you know what I mean).  This pair have a pretty little ruffle that I just love and they work so well into a casual daytime look.  Paired with a flowy, black chiffon, peasant style blouse from Penningtons and a cute pair of skinnies from Addition Elle, rolled up to expose the great bright blue underneath which I just couldn’t let go to waste, these shoes are the perfect accessory to assure that I look stylish, relaxed and feel comfortable all day long.




  1. Soul Genius

    Black and blue are classic. You can easily accessorize it too because of it’s simple palette! You’re so on point yet again and you look so pretty! 🙂

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