Nail Polish Overdose


Well… I couldn’t help myself. I went on a nail polish binge this afternoon. It’s been known to happen from time to time. They were all either really cheap or on sale (woohoo!) so I went a little crazy…

I have a few of the pricier nail polishes (and by pricey, I mean the 8, 9 and $10 ones) and they are great, but I’m finding lately that more often than not, it’s not worth forking out the extra cash, as the cheaper nail polishes are often just as good as the more costly ones.

First up is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 205 Pink Blink. I’ve been looking for a nice baby pink for a while now, but always ended up going for something less ordinary. So seeing as it was on sale for just under $4, I went for it! Yay!

Next is another Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in 350 Wined Up (good name, no?). It’s a shimmery shade and it’ll work well with this new vamp lipstick that I picked up a while back and am still not sure if I look good in or not. Ha.

Moving on, here is one that I am really looking forward to trying! It’s an NYC In a New York Minute Quick Dry polish in 270 Sidewalkers. It’s such a cool color!!! I mean, grey nail polish? Whaaa? SO EXCITED! And at around $2 – you just can’t go wrong. Plus, I can’t wait to test it out with the next item on my list; an NYC 274 Matte Me Crazy mattifying (is that even a word?) top coat.

Last but not least, a Maybelline Color Show polish in 305 Gilded Rose. It’s got tiny light gold sparkles as well as slightly larger rose gold colored ones. Very exciting indeed!

Be sure to keep an eye out for them in my upcoming posts!


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