Monday Morning Blues


This morning was a typical Monday morning. The kids were tired, so were the hubby and I. It’s always so hard to get back to reality after the weekend. Blah.

So, in light of my general lack of motivation or desire to even get out of bed this morning, let alone have a productive day, I figured I’d wear blue.

It’s strange how blue is so associated with feeling melancholy and down, because it really is quite a lively color. I don’t wear enough of it (blue jeans don’t count) but I do quite like the way it looks on me. And I must say, as far as blue foods go; blue candies, frozen treats, cupcakes and the like, are the absolute coolest looking goodies in the box, always; hands down. (Great. Now I’m craving sweets!)

So try not to let the Monday blues get the best of you, and instead, get the best of them!

Top, pants – Addition Elle
Shoes – Payless
Sun glasses – Coach
Watch – D & G



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