Pink Obsession

Pink Obsession

I seem to be obsessed with all things pink lately. My journey to become more comfortable wearing color is going well, and I’ve even been shopping and opted out of buying the black version of a dress in lieu of it’s more colorful version (this is BIG).

Anyway, I was skimming through some pre-blog pictures again, and found this lovely little collage.

As you can see, I was still sticking to using only minute accents of color at this point (which I still love the look of, but needed a change).

I just had to show you all these dainty and delightful pink flats from Old Navy. I will definitely be feeding my pink obsession by wearing these again very, very soon!



  1. PudgyOwl

    I hope they have these shoes in the Old Navy here where I live. I just LOVE the shoes! The cute ankle strap, pointy toe, and a tiny bit of ‘toe cleavage’. Very feminine!

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