Walking in a Winter Watermelon

Walking in a Winter Watermelon

So… I know animal print is really hot right now; but how amazingly wonderful is this watermelon and beige zebra print scarf!?!? It has become my new favorite wintertime accessory.

In a sea of black, grey and navy blue coats, this bright, cheery scarf is definitely a serious attention grabber.

Wearing a vibrant color can really brighten up your face, and at this time of year, you really need it. When it’s cold outside, it just sucks the life out of your skin leaving it looking dull and drained, so liven up your face a little, and throw a great, colourful scarf around your neck!

You don’t have to spend much. I found this one at Wal Mart for next to nothing and it has quickly become my go to scarf. The best part is, there are so many awesome prints, so many fantastic color combinations and great options are available in any price range so you can pick up a few different scarves and change things up all winter long for a look that stays fresh and exciting!


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