The Power of Tribal Print

The Power of Tribal Print

In the past I have often avoided wearing prints. It’s unfortunate, because there have been prints that I’ve loved but always figured were either too loud and flashy or I simply just didn’t feel comfortable wearing for one reason or another.

But when I found this top. Oh… It was love at first sight. Its bright, daring color, bold tribal print, soft jersey fabric and cold shoulder detail had me weak with wardrobe lust. I knew I had to make it mine. So I did; and no sooner had I picked it up, I started to doubt my new acquisition.

The internal questioning commenced, as it always does. Is it too much? Will people stare at me and think “wow, it takes a whole lot of print to cover THAT body”, or worse yet, will they say it? I couldn’t beleive how fearful I was simply over the idea of wearing a pattern that I liked. I thought to myself, how sad is it that I would even contemplate not wearing something that I loved so much because I was worried about people thinking I looked stupid, ugly or extravagant? And the worst part was, it was me who was making up the hypothetical insults in my own head! I just couldn’t let myself be controlled by my own negative ideas of how others would perceive me this time. I went for it, and I’m so happy I did.

For me, this is more than just a print, more than just a garment. It is an accomplishment – a celebration of how I put my self-doubt and self-bashing thoughts aside and wore something just because I loved it. What an empowering feeling!

In this top I channeled the beauty and stength of the tribes that inspired it and conquered my own negative thoughts, even if only for a moment; but a glorious moment it was.

Top – Penningtons
Leggings- Addition Elle
Boots – Spring


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