Rebirth of a Wardrobe

Lately, I’ve been looking through some of my pre-blog looks, searching for inspiration. I always find that I start to feel like my closet has gone stale towards the middle of winter – like I hate everything in it and it all must go! But, after falling in love all over again yesterday, with a nude color scheme I had worn a while back, I happened upon this outfit that I had worn during a warm spell towards the end of fall, last year. It gave me hope for my wardrobe and made me think; hmmm, perhaps I wasn’t as afraid of color as I thought?

Although it was fall when I took these pics, and it’s mid-winter now, this fun, casual, relaxed look has more of a springtime feel than anything. Color clashing like this is super hot right now and it has this awesome ability to make everything look fresh and new, as if reborn, like a butterfly newly emerged from it’s chrysalis.

And that’s exactly the way we should look at our wardrobes with the changing of each season. With a few add-ons and updates, they are totally capable of emerging as their old selves, but changed and given new life!


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