In the Nude

In the Nude

I know, I know, I said that 2014 would be all about stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing vibrant color, but I swear I haven’t broken my promise yet! This look was from before New Years so technically my resolution remains intact… But I am feeling a bit nostalgic. The sting of the rest of winter ahead and the ache of distancing myself from neutral shades is definitely sinking in.

This look is just so appealing to me. It’s basic and understated yet evokes a sexy, sensuous vibe. It’s ideal for an afternoon of shopping, a cup of hazelnut coffee with a good friend or late afternoon beer on a breezy terrace downtown with the girls, boutique bags in hand, of course!

Soft light blue jeggings that hug every curve, with this amazing sweater with chain detail paired with my favorite spiked buckle belt, nude flats and great nude rimmed sunglasses meld together to create a look that is smooth, sophisticated and as clean as freshly washed skin.

There is something delicate and sensual, naked and vulnerable about nudes that no other color can offer. I just may have to give in to my love of neutral tones once spring rolls around again, because going out in the nude is as classy as it gets!


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