The Great Hair Debate

The Great Hair Debate

After my last post about my baby boy’s first haircut, I figured I’d stay on topic and let you all in on the ongoing, obsessive debate that goes on in my head all day, everyday. It’s all consuming. One minute I have absolutely decided, without a shadow of a doubt that I WILL cut my hair short again, and my decision is backed by a convincing list of reasons why I cannot live without this cut one minute longer. And then, from the time when I text my hairdresser to the time she replies, I have already changed my mind, and am convinced that I almost just made the biggest mistake ever and that my life would have never been the same had I cut all my hair off once more.

The thing is, I LOVE both looks! I just can’t have them both when I want them and I hate it!!! It’s just not fair! I love the soft flow of my natural curls and the femininity it brings to my face, but I also really dig the edgy, less traditional pixie cut that only takes 5 minutes to wash and style vs. the 2 hours I have to let my hair air dry if I want it to actually look respectable.

And now there is a new worry emerging as I mature… Is the cute, funky haircut still going to have its edge now that I’m in my thirties and a mother of four or will it just look like I’ve given up? And are my long, curly, often frizzy, blonde locks simply too much for a woman my age? On the other hand, should I leave it long because once I get older, shorter will be the way to go and this my last hurrah? Or is this my last chance to have a short haircut that looks trendy and sexy instead of simple and matronly? SOOO many questions, and I am of no help to myself at all!

Gahhh!!! It would seem that spring fever is hitting me early this year. Maybe it’s the break from the cold weather we’ve had lately, or the sun that’s been poking it’s head out to play these past few days, but I need a change! Should I go for it?


  1. 365daysofbeingfat

    I miss my short pixie cut especially in the summer or when I just can not be bothered. I miss the no fuss of it all.
    But when I had it I missed being able to have a ponytail, to have my hair hang down in to my face and flick it everywhere.

    I think long curly locks or short punky spikes are cool either age it’s more what you feel comfortable with though.

    my vote is ….. sitting on the fence I like both

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      Sounds a lot like my vote! lol. It’s so hard because the grass is always greener on the other side. I guess I’ll just keep it long for now… At least I can put it up into a sock bun if I want it to look sleek and tamed. *sigh*. I think we’re all in the same boat (those of is who have dared at some point to go really short, that is). C’est la vie!

  2. Cindy

    Leave it as is for now and then cut it come summer!
    You are lucky that you look good both ways, not all face shapes can wear those hairstyles!

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