Color & Shiny Things

Color & Shiny Things

In keeping with my resolution to truly embrace wearing color in 2014, I have been sporting more looks like this one lately. While I took this picture well before the new year, I hadn’t really had the courage to wear this ensemble out until now; but I think it works!

I still tend to play it a little safe, making a lot of use of neutrals, but instead of limiting my splashes of color to a tiny bow or a great shoe, I’ve been going a little bolder and daring to play with more risky (for me) pieces, like these awesome, skinny leg, bright red jeans from Addition Elle.

A sexy, well fitting colored jean is an awesome place to start when expanding your use of color in your wardrobe because when paired with neutrals on top they make a bold statement without being overpowering or intimidating to wear.

I decided to add some sparkle to my look by mixing in a great beaded belt and a pointy, metal toed, Aldo flat to really get my point across; and that point was: This big, beautiful girl is no longer afraid to wear color, and she really likes shiny things! Yay!!!

Yup… Now that’s a statement, n’est ce pas?


    • Cynthia Ramsay Noel

      I know exactly what you mean! I find the best way to get around that problem is to not close the jacket completely. If you wear it wide open (slightly pulled wider than usual) in the front, gathered in the back, it falls a lot nicer under the belt with less bunching and tends to hang a little lower. The gathering in the back can actually accentuate your curves nicely and show off that booty! Haha πŸ˜‰ It’s great if you’re like me and you have that one great jacket that is just a liiiiiittle too tight to button up, but fits well everywhere else. The belt adds structure and purpose to wearing an open jacket and looks really put together. I hope helped!!!

  1. juliette

    I love that you often feature chic looks with flats – so many bloggers only wear heels. Love this outfit too!

    • FlightOfTheFatGirl (Cynthia)

      Thank you!!! I LIVE in flats!!! Heels usually don’t last much more than an hour on my feet before I start feeling like if I don’t change my shoes, my feet will fall off… lol πŸ˜› I love making a cute flat work with a nice outfit! Glad you’re enjoying my style! πŸ™‚

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